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  • Acid beta-glucosidase deficiency

    There is no cure for this condition; however certain treatments can aid in managing the symptoms and preventing irreversible damage. Enzyme Replacement/Enhancement Therapy is provided intravenously to reduce the liver and spleen size, and skeletal abnormalities and reverse other symptoms. Substrate Reduction Therapy to treat Type 2 Gauchers’ disease. Hematopoeitic stem cell transplantation to revive the  Read More

  • Hepatorenal syndrome (hrs)

    Currently, the only curative therapy for patients with hepatorenal syndrome is a liver transplant, which treats both liver diseases and associated impaired renal functions. However, even after the liver transplantation, the treated patients have lower chances of recovering from their kidney disease. Liver Transplantation – It is one of the best treatments for HRS, but it's not an optimal option for people with HRS-1, who a  Read More